Thursday, February 3, 2011

18 Months

My littlest but soon to be middle one.
A mix of sweetness and spice and fire and ice.
All cutsie and funny and goofy and sunny.

He's all ours, that's for sure. A sweet gift to us.
I will never know why God blessed us THIS MUCH!

Well, my Chasey-boy has hit the 1 1/2 mark. Would I be repeating myself here if I said it seems like he was just a baby? I'm pretty sure I have been saying that for well, about 15 months! And all at the same time, I can't imagine him a baby anymore because it just seems like he has been this spunky little 18 month old forever.

What can I say about this little character? He always holds a twinkle in his eye that taunts you, both with his sweet demeanor and his next naughty little plan. He surely knows how to test us but he always ends up with a kiss. He is becoming so smart and his vocabulary seems to be endless. While he sticks to mostly one word at a time, he is just starting to say little two or three word phrases. Things such as "mo miwk peas" {mommy translation: more milk please} or "avvvwick,baaaawoom" {maverick, get in the bathroom and stop eating my food"}, and my favorite favorite favorite favorite right now is....."yaaaaaama" {i love you}. The next cutest thing to "yaaaaaaama" is when he just did something naughty and I am giving him one of those "mommy is not happy that you did that" looks. He toddles over to me, cricks his neck to the side, flashes me a naughty little smile and says, "hiyeeeeeee". And then he waves. To add insult to injury. Totally melting his mother's heart.

Chase is one busy boy, rarely sitting or standing still. He has very little interest in books at this point. He is also very dis-interested in TV. The one show he will watch for about 1 minute is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And that's only during the opening song and the hot dog dance at the end. He totally freaks out when he hears it is on, running in the room to get his hot dog on. As soon as he's done getting his grove on, he's outtta there. And onto the next cupboard, drawer or cabinet that he can destroy.

If he's not pulling something out of a cupboard somewhere in the house, you can usually find him sitting on Maverick's back saying "geee up" {giddy up}. He also runs around the house calling for him whenever he can't find him.

In non-canine companion news, Chase and Leighton are starting to play together really nice. They can actually entertain each other for slightly longer periods of time without one of them getting pushed, hurled, scratched, or his beloved toy of the minute stolen from him. Notice I said "slightly longer periods of time" people. Don't get too excited for me here. Sorta like the other night when Derrick and I were doing our nightly routine of tucking the boys in with a book and prayers. When we do this ritual, Chase now likes to be tucked into Leighton's bed with him for the prayer and right before he is moved to his crib. So the prayer was cute as always and then I asked Chase if he wanted to hug Leighton good-night. So they embraced and hugged and rolled and kissed each others cheeks in the cutest little display of brotherly love that Derrick and I have seen on this side of the Missisippi. And then Chase bit Leighton's arm. Sending them both into a screaming fit of bedtime terror. It was a beautiful moment people. Just beautiful.

We love you, Chase! With all our hearts. Our world will always be better because of you!

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