Friday, November 19, 2010


There is usually about one to five minutes in a day when there aren't any crumbs on the floor.
There is always a dish or two in the sink.
I wince when Chase dumps his yogurt cup out on the freshly mopped floor and then gives me one of those big naughty grins.
I almost always cry inside when someone accidentally spills the entire and GIGANTIC tub of Maverick's dog food all over the freshly scrubbed bathroom floor.
A phone call is never complete without someone screaming in the background.
And I usually want to run away when I discover another tird in the tub.

With two little boys, ages 3 and 1, there are A LOT of other moments like these in my day.


Then there are.............THESE. sharing ice cream on a sweet summer night downtown.

These are the moments that make........

.....every crumb.....every dish.......every load of laundry........every dumped container of yogurt.........every spilled gigantic tub of dog food......every tird in the tub.....every interrupted phone call...every. last. bit. of. my. job...... my. life.



Elizabeth B said...

Love it!

Shannon Joy said...

Liz-i seriously almost ran away when i discovered Chase swimming in the tub with multiple tirds the other day!!!! ahhhhhh

Darrel said...

Blessed are those who love the life given them and experience joy even in the midst of the chores and trails of everyday living. The few moments of pure love out powers and out weighs the many trying ones. By stopping and savoring these when they happen you see they are worth more than gold which gives what is needed to go on and upward. This is why they are given. Go forth and keep blazing your trail of love in your blessed family that has been entrusted to you.
Blessed are those who see. You also share so well what you see and have been given. You capture, post, and share so well. Thank you Shannon
It blesses us and so many very much with and in all of this you do in letting us share your joys along with your families. Know that when you share your burdens and your families, they too are ours, to help you carry them.
We are praying for good weather and safe travels this Thanksgiving day weekend. We all have some much to be thankful for. You and Derrick keep giving us more to be thankful for. May it be God's Will for us to be together this week. If not we will still thank Him Thursday and everyday for all the good things that have been given by Him from where all good things comes from even when we think they are not.

Lindsay said...

GAH! Love the shirts! ;-) And I hate to tell you, but it only gets worse. I mean - BETTER! Yes, it only gets better! I actually have had moments lately where I tell myself I want "just" ONE more.....and then reality SMACKS me across the head. It IS fun, but it IS busy - one day we'll wish we had crumbs to clean up and little chubby finger prints to windex. One day.

Shannon Joy said...

so true Lindsay. so true. i have actually given up on having clean windows until my kids are older. i swear last time i cleaned them, chase went over and smeared them with applesauce not a minute after they were clean. it's pointless i tell you. point.less. but you are right, someday we will be writing blogs through our tears wishing there were some yogurt to clean up!