Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Womb #14

So....apparently, 12 weeks for baby #1 and 12 weeks for baby #3 looks a TAD bit different. (sorry to leave you out Chase, I cannot find a picture of 12 weeks with you......i swear there is one honey, at least i think. for comparison purposes though, i'm pretty sure i had a bit more of a bump with you at 12 than i did with your older super-hero sidekick, Leighton).

anyway, moving on....

Exhibit A: 12 weeks with Leighton

Quite a flat tummy I would say.......

Exhibit B:

12 weeks with #3 (thanks for taking these Cass!)

All I can say is WOW. WOW and triple WOW!

Today I am 14 weeks and 4 days. Which means I'm even BIGGER than the pics above! WOW!

I had my check-up and all is well in womb-world. I asked about the huge size of my little lemon's dwelling place and she said, "well, maybe it's twins!" HA-yes, let's just freak a momma out! She was kidding, I think. I guess we will find out at my 20 wk ultrasound. Nothing else really notable except that my doctor had a male student with her. That always makes things a little more awkward when you have to unbutton your pants, crank them down and pull up your shirt over your gigantic blob of baby belly. So, naturally, I razzed him a bit and that seemed to cut the tension. For me anyway.

As far as life at home with the little lemon sized nugget, things are going well. My nausea seems to be fading each day and I have had a lot more energy. Which is a huge bonus at this house. I felt the baby move yesterday so that was like a huge wake-up call. Hello, there REALLY is a baby in there!!!!! It just doesn't feel totally real until you feel that little one moving in there. The doctor asked if I had felt any flutters and I said " yes, but it was more like a teeny, baby-sized drop kick." Really, I have felt the "flutter feeling" in my first two. But it just seems like with this one, I missed that phase and jumped straight to the moves with some serious precision. I know it was a foot or an arm that smacked my innards. I know it!

The boys are lovin my larger belly! They both insist it's a girl and are constantly pulling up my shirt to kiss her. Although Chase doesn't really kiss the baby. He just pulls up my shirt and makes crazy farting noises all over my belly. I'm sure the baby gets quite a kick out of that. Or it is just mortified and thinks I am quite a gassy momma! (no comments on that one, Cassie)

The end. Until next week.


cassie said...

omg you were totally sticking your belly out in those pics!!! you are so cute pregnant, I know thats why you keep getting pregnant:) Oh yeah, quit trying to blame the gas noises that the baby hears all the time on chase. LOL!

Shannon Joy said...

oh cassie, cassie, cassie. don't make me bring up "movie nights at the Mijangos household"!!!! ha.
by the way, your sweet-but NO that's not why I keep getting pregnant! haaaaaa. thanks for taking those pics. it was fun!

brooke rene' said...

You look adorable! Don't worry about that bump, it just means baby is healthy and mama is healthy. You can't beat that!

Shannon Joy said...

oh brooke, you're sweet.

Lindsay said...

SO glad you're feeling better - what a relief, huh?! And I think you look adorable. If it makes you feel any better, I got "huge" with #3 fast, too - but it all evened out in the end. The docs say your uterus just "knows what to do" so it stretches right away to fit what's coming. :-)

Shannon Joy said...

thanks for the reassurance Linds! i hope your right and I don't turn into an enormous whale at the end!