Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Me Monday-the Moo-Latte version

The funny and interesting blogger, MckMama started this crazy Not Me Monday thing and while it's cute I usually don't do them myself.

Until today. When my husband came in the house with "that" look on his face.

I'd like to tell you what DID NOT happen to me today. This totally did NOT happen people so don't worry. We are all fine.

Let me back up here. So yesterday was a nice day. We had lots of company and ended our lovely weekend on a fun note by
hitting up DQ with Derrick's parents. Now, normally, Derrick and I share a large cookie dough blizzard. For some reason this, I meant last, evening we went for a DQ Moolatte. It was vanilla. It was alright. I've had better. Blended coffee drinks. But it was fine and the extra caffine was kinda nice.

Upon arrive home, we swooped up the kidlets and hurried them to bed. For we had another disc of 24 to watch. And then we
went to bed.

And here's what didn't happen.

I totally did not forget that I left our 1/3 filled DQ Moo-Latte drink sitting in the van. The van that I drive PRIMARILY by the way. I really didn't do something like that.

And today when I got the boys loaded up to head out for the afternoon, I did NOT smell something ripe. And I certainly didn't quickly glance at the Moo-latte cup and see a huge pile of mold (or what looked like mold) at the bottom. Not at all.

And then I didn't proceed to take it out of the van and set it in front of the garage so Derrick could put it in the trash. Nope, that wasn't me.

And then, later that night. Derrick didnt' come down the stairs while I was tucking the boys in with "that" look. No. That didnt' happen. And he didn't proceed to tell me what happened. For which I actually DID guess that Maverick might have found the cup and drank the rest of the moldy Moo Latte that I totally didn't leave sitting in front of the garage. But my guess was wrong and that part. About Maverick. Really didn't happen. Which is probably a total shocker to you all who pretty much expect every bad story to include Maverick. But this time, he really was out of the doghouse-literally and figuratively.

But, what also didn't happen was that Derrick proceeded to tell me that he did go ahead and rinse that cup out to get the mold out before throwing away-wasn't that nice of him, garbage men? And then he didn't dump it out and caulk his head to the right and crinkle his forehead and furrow his eyebrows at what he was actually seeing.

Remember, none of this happened people. That's why they call it NOT Me Monday!

So, what didn't he find at the bottom of that cup? It certainly wasn't a dead teeny tiny furry little beaty-eyed creature of the deep dark wood.

I mean seriously. He most certainly did NOT find a dead mouse at the bottom of that cup.

Now cool your britches. Cool your britches. The mouse was totally not in there while we drank it. Seriously now. It wasn't. No really. That was NOT a Not Me Monday part of the story. It really wasn't. And we know this for a reason.

We totally know this because we did NOT discover mouse droppings ALL over our van. We did not discover them right under my foot pedals! NO!!!!! We didn't. I'm puking in my mouth for some reason though. No-still we didn't. And we didn't find them
everywhere proving that the little bugger had been living in there for some time. This did NOT ever happen. There could NOT have been a mouse in MY van while I was driving my perfect little clean angels (ok, they are rarely clean) but still-they are always perfect and are never to travel in the same vehicle as a mouse. Never. I have told them that!

And right now as I type this post, Derrick is NOT outside, slaving away cleaning out the mouse-tird infested van.

Now excuse me while I go puke.


Heidi said...

so so funny. I almost peed my pants!

Shannon Joy said...

don't pee your pants Heidi! but if you do, it's alright because you are pregnant and that's as good a reason as any to pee your pants!

Melissa said...

Get them vacuumed, hurry so you don't get Haunta!! :)