Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Dental Date

Ahhh, now that we have recovered from our mouse-trauma this week, I can move on to posting lovely family posts about our lovely family members who are no longer riding alongside those teeny-weeny, tiny, furry, beaty-eyed creatures of the deep dark wood. Finally.

A few weeks ago, Leighton had his first trip to the dentist. We got him really pumped up for it and tried to really brush his teeth like crazy a week before the appointment.

Does anyone else do that?

I only start flossing like a few days before my check-ups. As if I think I'm going to fool them into thinking that I actually floss on a regular basis. Haaa-I so pulled the wool over their eyes.

Anyway, here is our little dental dude getting ready to leave.

Playin it cool as Chase assisted me in the cheering section.

Real cool.

Learning all about the delightful dental devises.

And...of course...getting an A+ for healthy teeth!

He was the coolest little cucumber I've seen in a dental chair. I wasn't sure what to expect because my boy is a tad sensitive. He was way calmer than I am on the chair. I get all freaked out because that lady who cleans my teeth is always stabbing me and jabbing my weak points. I'm almost certain that she hates me. Sometimes I think she is just mad at me because she really knows that I don't floss. Even though I act like I totally do all the time. Obviously by my 2 days of flossing beforehand. So.... I keep begging for them to put me under but they just won't. R.U.D.E.!

Anyway, my son on the otherhand, he handled it like a seasoned pro. He was super duper brave and I was actually a bit chocked up over his bravery and sweet angelic-like demeanor.

And then he turned THREE............................

stay tuned for more on that

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