Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fond Memories of Winter in our Jammies

This video was from back in Feb during the throws of winter.

Yesterday I decided to clean up some of my hard-drive and get rid of the pictures from this winter. Relax, relax. They are all backed up on my external. Phew. So, before I deleted them I had to go through and make sure they were really all backed up.

Many times, I take the pics, load them and edit just a few to post. Leaving the rest for another day. I know.......ballsy. Well, it just so happens, I left the rest of these photos and they were still untouched and unsaved. Yikes!!!!

I'm glad I did leave these because it was so fun to find them and turn them into this little video creation.

I was reminded through these pictures of how lucky I really am. How beautiful my children are. And how much God loves me and blesses me every day. Even when the days seems maudane and like they are all the same. These photographs remind me of how much I love my boys and how much I love this place God has planted me right now.

Oh yeah, and the pictures remind me that I incessantly take their photographs. Some day they will thank me. I'm sure. :)

Here are just a few in still form.

And here is why I do what I do....


Lindsay said...

LOVE the one of Maverick licking the babe - priceless!

Shannon Joy said...

i know..me too! he's such a goofball! but then again...they all are! :)

Shannon Joy said...

i know..me too! he's such a goofball! but then again...they all are! :)

Grandpa D said...

Shannon blessed are those you are happy were there at praising and thanking God for all He's done and in what He has given. God's goodness, love, and blessings never end. What a "JOY" Shannon Joy you are to God and to all of us. Derrick you have found a diamond in the rough and so have we. God thank you for the joy you have extended through Derrick and Shannon with Leighton and Chase. These boys along with Ramona are the extension of our (Grandpa and Grandma) joy that have brought and filled our hearts with the joy of God Himself. What have we done to deserve such blessings????