Wednesday, June 2, 2010

But what can you expect when you live in a place dubbed....White Tail Acres?

For the 1st hour of the historic Stevenson family mouse-hunt, we weren't really sure if Aaron was just pulling a fast one on us or if he was dilusional......Case and point:(for illistration purposes, let's call him Ed)

Ed runs out across the dining room floor, under the kitchen table and back to the curio by the wall. No one saw him. Except Aaron.

Ed then pops his head out from under the couch (THAT I WAS LAYING ON AT THE TIME!!!) and gave Aaron a "come and get me look!"

Again. Aaron was the only one who saw him.

But, we believed him. Sortof. So we upturning the couch, moving the recliners, plugging all the doors and arming ourselves with brooms, mops, buckets and a Sarah Palin biography (nice choice, Valerie) we pulled out the curio.

Again, he saw him. Evidence of this sighting can be seen in footage captured on Mouse Hunt #3 of the Memorial Mouse-capades post. Check the video to see. Ed again wanted to taunt Aaron and this time popped out from under the spare
bedroom door and ran back in. The bedroom where a few of Aaron's children were sleeping on the floor mind you!!!

Yet again though. No one saw him. Except Aaron. Hmmmmm?

So, after relocating a few noodely-limbed children, it was back to the mouse hunt.

Side-story: Get a load of this one. So, through all this commotion between the hours of 11:30pm and 1am, mom and dad just slept and slept. Just one room away from the room where the little vermon was hiding from us. Pounding of walls with brooms, moving of furniture and rummaging through the utility room apparently isn't enough to wake them up. Until my mom appeared. Blinded by the glaring lights in the house, she came out squinting, in a daze, asking what on earth is going on.

Aaron: "mom we just spent the last hour and half hunting for a mouse that is IN YOUR HOUSE"

Mom" (high pitched) Whhhhaaatttt! There's a mouse!
And she jumps up on the recliner that is moved into the middle of the living room.

Problem is, she jumps up on the arm on the recliner........and it' already a bit of a tippy recliner.

You can imagine what happened right?

Over goes mom and the recliner on top her! And all of that on top of one of her favoirte wooden wagon wheel planter.

Why I did not turn my camera on during this moment I don't know? It was by far the funniest moment of the hunt. Sorry mom
but you know you agree! Even though you got a bruise on your back from the planter, we all know it was hilarious! So hilarious that I have to psot a picture. Sorry mom. I think you might kill me for posting this but it really ties the story together quite nicely. .......And I'm sure dad didn't mind your outfit!

Ok, so once we got through that mini-catastrophe, we were back to hunting the mouse. Or deciding if he really even existed.

About 15 minutes later, we decided that the mouse had won. He had either disappeared back through the hole he came in from or he was an awfully good hider. Or he didn't exist?

Well, lucky for Aaron, we have some footage of an expert witness seen here to answer that question.

(specifically in this video, i love Aaron's voice in the beginning when he spots the mouse again, and I love Valerie's face at the very end of the video!) (oh, and I love my husbands expert witness testimony to the camera)

So, all in all it was an interesting first night at Whitetail Acres.

Although, perhaps we should consider changing the name to Beatty Eyed-Pink-Nosed Acres?


Darrel said...

Great story and great suspence action Shannon but I'm dying to see the outcome. So please give us the whole scoop soon with the proof of your mom and dad's intruder at White Tail acres.

Anonymous said...

How funny -

Too bad you didn't get a video of when your mom tipped over the recliner - that would have gotten you on Funniest Home Video's for sure.

Go farmgirl Valerie - Jessie would have been a wreck - but Valerie was ready to squash it!


Shannon Joy said...

Grandpa, there is no proof besides Aaron and your son's testimony. We put a few sticky strips in the closet but he didn't cross it. We did find a dead/squashed one but we think it was a different mouse because it was flattened under a box right next to some mouse poison! I do have video of that one but I didn't share it.

Linda, oh my word, you cannot even imagine how bad I wanted to kick myself for not flipping the record button when mom walked out of the bedroom and proceeded to fall out of her chair! It TOTALLY would have won the FUNNIEST home video of all time! :)