Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Mouse-capades

We arrived at my parents house about 8:30 on Friday night.

My brother, Aaron and his family had arrived a few minutes before us.

The cars were unpacked. The cousins played and snacks were had.

The kids were tucked snuggly in their pads.

A few on the floor....oh my. Grandma and Grandpa had even retired to their room.

We all found a cozy cushin to sink into and continue our snacking and visiting.

And then it appeared.

Aaron was the one to spot him. Scampering across out to the table and back behind the curio cabinet.

And the chase ensued. For an hour and a half. Until about 1am.

So far.....Aaron was the only one who has seen this little teeny tiny night creeper.
We were beginning to wonder? Did he really exist?

Perhaps if I can get the final video up, we will find out if he was really real.

Stay tuned.....

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