Tuesday, June 22, 2010

11 Months

Chasey-boy turned 11 months yesterday! Holy cramolies, that went fast. I can't believe it's now time to embark on the sphere of planning the big One Year birthday party. Let me tell you, we've got some ideas brewing and it's gonna be a doozie this year! Stay tuned for that.

Onto Chase and his adorable little cheekers.

Here is his most exciting development between Month 10 and 11. I love how proud he is in this video!

And here's my boy not cooperating with the rest of us who were trying to make Grandma Laurie a great birthday present!!!
That's my boy. When he makes a decision he sticks with it!

Until his mommy promises him some puffs and then he's like putty in my hand.

Other developments in Chase's World:

1. loves to play cut the pickle.
2. he's a high fiving maniac
3. can climb up the stairs and scoot back down without injury....usually
4. enjoys pulling Mavericks fur.....thanks to his big brothers influence
5. might turn into a watermelon due to the amount that boy can eat
6. backs his booty off our bed successfully
7. still loves wrestling with Leighton
8. is still a picky eater
9. naps at 9am, 1pm, sometimes 5pm and goes to bed at 8pm
10. mostly sleeps through the night....except this weekend while we were camping...sorry to our cabin-mates, Rob and Laura!
11. many,many,many more that I can't think of.


Lindsay said...

Awwwwwww - a walker! How cute and adorable....and trouble! :-) Um, and a nap at 9am?? What time does the boy wake up?? ;-)

Happy 11 months Chase!

Shannon Joy said...

waaaaay to early my friend! 6:30ish. i'm way to tired to be a mom at that time so usually i send him in the bathroom with derrick while he showers. dads in showers can make great entertainment!!!!! haaaaa.

Lindsay said...

Oh my. I'm still in REM @ 630a. :-)

Shannon Joy said...

i know, it's such a pity isn't it! the sad thing is, i'm still in REM too. it's just a good thing Derricks still around or who knows what he would get into!