Tuesday, April 6, 2010

little Boys, Big Love and a Latte #7

So Chase has a few new fun developments this week that I couldn't wait to share until his 9 month post! Check out the video and see what he is up to.

In addition to his fun communication developments, he is also running about the couches,toy boxes,toilets and anything he can pull himself up on. I have pictures
to share of course. Just the time to edit and post them I am lacking. Hopefully soon.

In Leighton Land, he was playing downstairs while I was folding clothes on the couch. He walks into the laundry room and says, "oh no, what happened?"
me: what's wrong honey
Leighton: it smells in here.
me: does it smell good?
Leighton: no, I fawted.

.....at least he didn't try to blame it on me!

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