Friday, January 22, 2010

Shannon's Christmas Do-Over and a brief Q&A

I promised you my Christmas Do-Over. And frankly, when I make a promise, I try my best to deliver. It was a week later and I wasn't hopped up on muscle relaxers anymore. Yeah for that!

I was still wheelin and dealin with my arthritis issue but it had gotten a little better. Thanks to a more common-sensical doctor who gave me a little bit better med. Better enough anyway, for me to enjoy the weekend and document some of the lovely moments on my trusty Nikon. So, let's get right down to it, shall we?

There are a ton of pictures here. And I would love to explain them all for you. But, it's almost 2am and I think you will get the drift just by looking at each picture. Ok, just in case you have questions, let me make it even easier. Took some pictures of some holiday things. Took some pictures of some adorable people. Took some pictures of the sweet fireworks display my brother put on. I think that about covers it.

It was really fun, too. And if you do end up having questions. Scroll to the bottom where I answer them.

Your potential questions:
Q. How did you get that cool picture(#3) of your niece holding the ornament out towards you?
A. Easy, I asked her to hold the ornament out towards me. I took the picture.

Q. Who is that incredibly handsome man in picture #4 holding your baby?
A. Easy, he's my husband. Now....calmly put your tongue back in your mouth and stop drooling over my hunk of burnin love. He's all mine. ALL mine. Just keep scrollin ladies, keep scrollin.

Q. There's an older, handsome man in the photos. He's holding your niece in one picture and kissing Leighton in the other. Who is he?
A. Why that's none other than my wonderful father. He's so funny.

Q. Picture number 12. Where Leighton is being silly in front of the Christmas tree. It's kind of out of focus and blurry. Why did you include that one?
A. Because I liked it. And not every picture is going to be drop-dead amazing! Sheesh-back off a little bit. You guys are like vultures!

Q. What's the deal with the fireworks? I think I remember you did them last year too. Is that right?
The fireworks are my brother's brain-child. He brings um. He lights um off. I don't ask questions.I just take pictures.

[End of commentary.]

Come back soon for Chase's 6 month update and to meet my new friend, Mac.

Until then.....


Lindsay said...

you're funny - thanks for making me laugh this morning! Glad you're getting some good relief!!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!