Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Heart..... on the Floor

Leighton drew his first marine mammal last month. I could not have been more proud!! We had just finished making a little mailbox out of his diaper box. Because,
you know, sorting mail is a great way to keep a little 2 year old occupado.

So, anyway, there was a scrap of tag board left on the floor and Leighton
asked for his markers. I recluctantly gave him a few markers. Reluctantly
because a 2 year old left alone with markers (away from the "mom-approved,
designated marker safe zone..i.e., the kitchen island)could spell trouble.
I suppose I walked away to tend to Chase. Or one of the many millions of other
tasks we moms do during the day.

Really, I believed I would come back to marker on the floor. And a bunch of
squigglys on the paper. But much to my suprise, he said, "look mom, I drew a whale". My little heart was melted like a stick of butter in a hot microwave! My son can draw a whale? Certainly he's still too little to be drawing actual pictures! That doesn't come yet right? Well, I guess it did.

And because it did and my heart was laying in a puddle on teh floor, I just had to go grab my camera. And proceeded to chase him around the house trying to get a picture of the infamous whale.

He decided the whale looked best on his head.

Clearly, that is just what you do. You wrap your drawing around your head when you are super-duper proud of yourself. Duh,mom.

Finally, after a little convincing he gave me a money shot. Now check out that whale!
Pretty good for a Two year old!


Michelle H. said...

I soooo remember when Josiah and Alayna each drew their first real picture....it is a pretty big deal when they draw on paper what they imagine in their head!! Great job Leighton!!!

Shannon Joy said...

I will pass the "good job" onto my little man! Thanks Michelle!

Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

Maybe he will be a Marine Biologist! :)