Friday, November 20, 2009

My SED rate and a Halloween Video.

First of all, let's get the not-so-fun part out of the way. My current medical crisis as I like to call it. After a week of anxious-ness about what all this
non-sensical joint pain/inflammation problems might be, I have a few answers. Answers to prayer and answers about what may be going on. Answer to prayers first:
1. Iritis (eye inflammation) is clearing up. On a scale of 0-4, I was a 3plus last week. This Tuesday I was a "rare" which I believe is somewhere between 0 and 1 on that scale. So that is GRRR-EAT. Let's hear a whoot-whoot for God's quick healing there.
2. I recieved some of my blood-work and spinal x-rays back and I am negative for Rheumatoid Arthritis at this point. That is a HUGE miracle in my mind. Although if I did have that- i would just learn to deal with it. know, it's good to hear that I don't have to deal with that anyway.

3. The nurse called me yesterday (before I had any results) and I asked if she had seen any of my results and she had my x-ray there and said that it said something about Sclerosis. Gulp. I jumped onto google and found lots of bad things that could go along with that. Emailed my mom...who called me...we talked and calmed each other a call waiting...hung up from mom.....who then called my aunt in a panick....who then called my Most Best Friend Cassie in a panic...who then called me and said, "oh my you have Sclerosis!" and I said...what is it? And she said, "i don't know, but isn't it bad?" we were all freaking out. Then my husband came home and slapped me in the face and said to "snap out of it, everything will be fine!" Ok, just kidding he didn't slap me but it pretty much is what I need sometimes when I am freaking out about this stuff.

5. I went to the Chiropractor this morning(recommended by my doc) and found out it wasn't Sclerosis but that the x-ray did indicate some stress on my low-back. So that was good and a stress-relief to me.Thank You. Thank You.

Now....there is still lots to figure out. My labs did show eleveated SED which just means I have inflammation in my body. Which is really no shock to anyone because my joints, 4th toe and eye have been telling me that for quite some time now. I still stick with my initial diagnosis of Psoriatic Arhtritis. Which the chiropractor thought was a possibility but really wanted me to follow up with a Rheumatologist to find out more. And I will get to do that on Dec 3rd. Until then, I am thanking the Lord that he sent me a husband who calms my anxiety every day, along with some lovely bible versus in the middle of the night.

Oh and if that doesn't work,I just watch one of these cute little videos I enjoy concocting up.

About the video: This was our pumpkin carving night the week of Halloween. I set up my camera in the far corner of the kitchen and put it on the remote clicker. I gave the clicker to Leighton and he snapped away. It was pretty much a blast of a time! :) Enjoy and share the love!


cassie said...

love love love the video and idea of putting chase in the pumpkin. that is way too cute. i really need to start doing more stuff like that. can't wait to see you in 5 days.

Shannon Joy said...

me too cassie! i hope i can get pumped full of steriods before the holiday so i can feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Shanny, that video rocked! Those little boys are soooo cute :)

Your bro

Shannon Joy said...

thanks jp-can't wait to see you guys for Thanksgiving. love,your sis.