Monday, November 16, 2009

Love Is Here

I saw my general doctor today. Nothing new came out of it. She just wanted to get the story and do some bloodwork and an x-ray. I still think it's psoriatic arthritis.
Which totally stinks but could be worse right? Errrr....right. I think.

Today I read a list of foods that may increase inflammation. Are you ready for this?
Wheat products, dairy, sugar and caffine. CAFFINE!!!! First I had to say good-bye to frosting and now this?!! Ahhh, I can't handle this!

Really though, all joking aside. I'm sad about the whole thing. And I'm scared about what it could be and what could happen to me. And how I won't be able to be a super cool, fun, and active mom for my boys. And all of those fears are probably malarky. But, nonetheless, they are what they are.

I like to say that most of the time I try to look at the bright side and convince myself that this will all go away and if it doesn't I will just beat it with a positive attitude and prayer. (that was a long sentance)

But, sometimes, I am just sad. So I listen to this song.

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And I feel a little bit better.

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wonderloveandpraise said...

Hey.... I don't know you from Adam. :) But I saw your comment over at QL today and wanted to step out from the shadows.. I'm Steph, I have four incredible kids, one awesome husband, one nervous poodle, and a very sketchy auto-immune history. :) My Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis was finally confirmed this past summer after three years of assuming it to be the case... numerous knee drains... double-hand carpal tunnel release surgery.... one kidney stone... vitiligo... sketchy thyroid... one nasty bout of gout [wow.].... and the list could go on, but i'll spare you. hah. My kids keep me moving [though there are days when all I want to do is sit]... and motion feels like a victory. So I keep moving. I love my Rheumatologist, I keep a record of all my bizarro-world symptoms, I cross new diseases off the list after I'm SURE i've got them but the Doctor says 'they all share symptoms..'..[fibromyalgia... lupus.. just to name a couple of recent ones!]... and I read a lot of Philippians, to be reminded that Paul, imprisoned, counted it ALL joy, use his imprisonment to share the Gospel with the guards, and considered being Home with Christ as better by far. All will be well. I believe it when I look into the faces of my four peeps and my Perfect Partner. I wish you joy and peace as you work out meds and diagnoses... thanks for being so honest with your journey!!! Can't wait to peruse the archives. :)