Monday, August 10, 2009

Double It

Life with a two year old and a newborn. It's busy! It's fun! It's a challenge. There's less sleep. Less NO alone time. Nursing further complicates things. One tiny newborn firmly attached to one boob. One now seemingly GIGANTIC two year old clung to the opposite hip. I promise if you pop in unannounced, you could be in for quite a sight!

I dare not venture out on my own yet. Although, today I got really brave and ventured out to the bank. The drive-through that is. I found myself begging asking for stamps. Because the thought of taking them both to Walmart or the grocery store still sounds much to daunting. And really, wouldn't that just plain be handy? To have stamps at the bank. Well, they didn't. But I vote for that.

I do so love this new life of mine. It is a huge job and it's hard work. Double the work, in fact. But, double the work equals double the fun right! Need I say more..




Mama Misty said...

Totally love the new perspective your photos capture! Although I haven't had to take out a newborn and a 2 yr'll get the hang of 2 kids in public in no time!! And yes, I think banks should have stamps. OR the post office needs to create drive thrus. For Real!! Hang in there, girl. :)

Lindsay said...

I remember thinking the SAME things about the bank and post office after I had my second...which was when I discovered (I'm a bit slow) that you can buy postage ONLINE and even print off lables to mail packages. To this day I still take advantage of that! Now if we could just get a grocery store drive up for milk....

But you'll get the hang of it soon - once you get a boob-feeding routine set up and don't have to worry about feeding mid-Walmart run! :-)

And just think, when you have your third (fourth, fifth, etc...) you'll wonder what the big deal about having two was! LOL.

Patty said...

I love your posts. Very entertaining. I was pretty home-bound with just a newborn; I can imagine it's very different with 2. I'm sure you'll be a wiz in no time!

I bank at Wells Fargo, and you can buy stamps at the ATM. I think it's more expensive than at the post office, but you pay for convenience. Never tried to purchase online like Lindsay said, but I may have to start.

Shannon Joy said...

Are you serious, Patty! I totally bank at Wells Fargo too and can't believe the teller lady did not tell me I could buy them at the ATM. I'm so there later this week!

vivianne dagny said...

chase is so beautiful! good work!