Thursday, August 6, 2009

The View from Here

I am COMPLETELY exhausted. Nursing a newborn and tending to a two year old is pretty much a round the clock operation. But please don't think this is me complaining. How could I complain when most of my day is spent gazing down at this face.

and this face...
...and even this face.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

Love the "squirmy" shots. He sure is a cutie.


Shannon Joy said...

I do too! It's one of my favorite faces that he makes! I need to get a better pic of it though!

vivianne dagny said...

i love him! he's adorable!

Lindsay said...

Adorable. I love squishy baby feet.

Anonymous said...


Valerie told me her new little nephew was a very beautiful baby. So, I thought I should check it out and she was certainly right. He is very cute! I am glad you can enjoy him in the midst of being tired and busy! Ann