Friday, July 10, 2009

When your smiling...the whole world smiles too.

I mentioned earlier here that we took Leighton to the zoo a few weekends back. I am sharing a few more of those photos because they bring a smile to my face.

And these days, that doesn't come easily. At 37 weeks pregnant, I am-

as some of my commenters and lovely family members have pointed out on my blog and over the phone to me

- I AM HUGE. Thanks guys, thanks, I didn't know that. In addition to the growing discomfort of being this huge, my clothes are starting to get snug. I can only imagine what will happen in the next few weeks. People around me may just have to get used to my lower belly hanging out because I aint goin on any shopping sprees and spending all my hard-earned money on mo0-moos! Too bad people. Too bad.

Anyway, onto the smiles huh? At the zoo, we saw lots of smiles from our little boy. And we saw lots of smiles from these guys.

Maybe they will make you smile too!

Ok, so this may be a screach face rather than a smile. But it's still kinda cute.

You gotta love this guy. I may just recommend a little whitening toothpaste though.

This guy made me wait for a smile.

Because first he wanted a profile shot.

But, once we brought Leighton in, Mr. Goat couldn't contain himself any longer.

Thanks for the smiles and laughter, zoo friends.

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Mama Misty said...

Shannon!! You're in the home stretch, babe!! I'm at 26 weeks (today Yippee) and only wish I was that close :) It will be ok...just start wearing Derrick's shirts and stretch them out...I'm sure he won't mind! Good luck dear.