Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekly Womb #37

This week marks the big 37 for me and baby! It's been quite a journey thus far. Although I complain on here (and to my husband) A LOT-it's been a really good one.

I can't even begin to explain the feeling I have in knowing that in just a few weeks I will finally get to meet this little one. Who has swiftly taken up residence in my abdominal region.

Mostly it's a feeling of sheer excitement and anticipation.
Although there is a good amount of sheer DREAD (for the process of labor) mixed in there too.

I mentioned last week that I decided to switch doctors. I really don't think I'm that difficult of a patient. But...I just don't care for stuck-up people. And mine was just too far on the stuck-up side for me to enjoy. So, what the heck. Why not switch? I mean, the one who delivers our baby will be privy to things that you don't even want me to begin typing out here. Although I would like to type out some of those details and then cross them out so you can still read them, I won't. It's not really fair to you. You didn't sign up for this like I did. Although you did click into my blog. And anything goes on here. So, in a way, you did sign up for this. But....I will spare you. This time.

Anyway, my new doc is totally cool! I'm so glad I switched. She's really laid back. But not too laid back..... And she was very easy to talk to, friendly and educational. Friendly, yes, I like friendly. Friendly is a good quality. Especially when you think about the from the viewpoint I will be coming from in a few short weeks.

For now, this is the current veiwpoint I am coming from. My toes are still visible but only if I bend over. From this angle, they are visible. And that is one thing I have going for me.


Here is one of the other angles of an almost 37 week baby bump. Thanks, honey, for my newest belly photo!


Oh yeah. Back to my doctors appointment. Baby is doing wonderful, as usual. Head is down and progress toward eventual labor is being made. I won't go into the rest of the details. Just kidding. Of course I will.

1 cm and "pretty thin" is what she said.

If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it and certainly don't ask about it! If you do, you know that just means that I am going to have a baby sometime in the next three weeks.

What I won't be doing is being tricked into thinking that just because things are progressing down there, means that I will get a little relief and have a super-healthy baby a few weeks early. Nope, these progress reports really indicate nothing except for the fact that there is, in fact, a baby in there and it is going to come out eventually.

Oh, we did talk about a birth plan. I'm so not big on birth plans either. I think they are silly. Because the second you set your mind on something, it will go the other way. and then you will be left to deal with the disappointment of a failed "birthplan". But...mine is REALLY, REALLY simple.

It's spelled: E-P-I-D-U-R-A-L. STAT!


vivianne dagny said...

you're as big as a house. are you sure there aren't a few babers in there? thank God you didn't get fat arms. you're lucky it all went straight to the oven.

Lindsay said...

Yay for 37 weeks! I'll be there in two short days, too! Although I bet I'm bigger than you...only preggers would say something like that. And I know what you're talking about - complaining suddenly (kinda) stopping because the end is in sight! Yay! Perhaps we'll meet at the hospital :-)Glad you like your new doctor!

Mrs. Konschak said...

You better send me a family pic or two for your page in our reunion book or I am going to use your 37 week pictures!!! Ha Ha hope you are feeling well. (but seriously, get me some pics for the book!)

Melissa said...

I Love the belly! And can't wait to check out the little one who has been all scrunched up in there!

Melissa said...

I Love the belly! And can't wait to check out the little one who has been all scrunched up in there!