Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekly Womb #38

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that I only need to post 2 more of these Weekly Wombs after this week. And less than that would be even better!

Beyond that-there isn't much to report here. Baby is still incredibly active with a good health report from our visit to the OB this week. Measuring right on track (which I will get into later). Solid heartbeat. Happy as a pea-peckin owl to be in there it seems. Which really doesn't match up with my plans to get this little HUGE baby out of me-like TODAY!

Speaking of this huge baby. You may be wondering why I consider it huge. Plainly, it's because I am not a normal sized human being. I am short-REALLY short. Barely over 5 feet tall, my body doesn't accomodate a whole lot of baby. And my first-born was 8 lbs. Perhaps I mentioned this in an earlier post. Let me say it again. First, do you know about equations? An 8 lb baby barrelling out of a 5 foot 6 inch woman is a lot different than an 8lber barrelling out of me! So, I'm really thinking, if you do the math, that an 8 lb baby for me is equivalent to a 10lber on a regular woman. And what do doctors do about potential 10 lb babies? They induce them about 2 weeks early-WHICH IS NOW- to prevent all kinds of momma and baby drama!

Hello? Let the indcution begin right?!!! So, I mentioned this to my super-great, and new, doctor. And guess what? She didn't buy it for a second. She just kinda chuckled at my fickle attempt for an induction. I really didn't expect anything else. But...I think I am on to something here. Someday, us short people will have rights too. Until then, it's 2 more weeks of freaking out about if I'm going into labor or not. I can't wait. Stay tuned.

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