Sunday, June 28, 2009

THANK YOU to my Birthday People

Thank you, Valerie, for making me a yummy cake.
June 2009 044

Thank you, Leighton, for helping me blow out my candles.
June 2009 049

Thank you, Leighton and Taneah, for being so adorable together.
June 2009 042

Thank you, Lydia, for reminding me what it's like to be a little girl again.
June 2009 054

And finally..

Thank you Taneah, for taking after your auntie Shannon, and knowing how to enjoy a good piece of cake!
June 2009 053


Valerie said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!

Anonymous said...


What a way to start my Monday morning - I love your pictures!
I called Valerie to wish her happy birthday and she said I "HAD TO GO SEE THE PICTURES" She was right!

Linda Winter

vivianne dagny said...

i love your haircut! btw, happy birthday!