Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This was the only family member I could convince to wear these adorable bunny ears. Go figure.
Now go celebrate today. Go to church. Spend time with your beautiful families. Take pictures of your children looking for their Easter Egg. Eat a butt-load of candy. Most importantly though. Remember why we do these things. It's quite simple, really:

OUR sin.
A chosen man.
Bore OUR burden.
Hung on a cross.
Spilled his blood.
And died for us.
To cover OUR sin.
On the third day, today.
He rose from the grave.
To be OUR savior.
OUR light, OUR truth, OUR way.
The ONLY truth.
The ONLY way.
OUR choice.


vivianne dagny said...

hahah. love the bunny ears. maverick is a cutie.

Lindsay said...

Happy Easter to you, too! LOVE that picture....our poor dogs, how we LOVE to torture them. :-)