Monday, April 13, 2009


Leighton was one lucky enough to get 2 weekends in a row filled with grandpas and grandmas.We got to celebrate Easter with Derrick's family last weekend and boy did we have a good time. Grandma and Grandpa took Leighton out to make his very first snowman.

Isn't that one handsome snowman? During the first half of last week, after they left, Leighton would run to the window sill, climb up on the window seat and say, "Gamma, Noman, Gampa, Noman". Later in the week, as the "noman" was melting, he would say, "Bubye Noman, Bubye".

Grandma taught Leighton how to make the most declicious Easter cookies.

Cookie shapes 101.

Of course, Maverick had to oversee to make sure the cookies were done to his licking liking.

Leighton was very serious about his job as Head Cookie Decorator.
See how nice those sprinkles look?
In the end, we ended up with a great weekend together and some fantastic cookies.


vivianne dagny said...

whoa. you're already teaching him how to make you sweets. good work, shannon.

Shannon Joy said...

well, if he is going to be anything like his mother, he will need to learn this very early in life! haaa.

Lindsay said...

Okay - the cookies, num, but I just can't get past those ADORABLE little wrist-rolls!! Both my kids had the same, cute little wrist-chub.....ahhhhh.....