Friday, April 10, 2009

Once Upon a Time

I got to go to my very FIRST "Princess Party" last weekend! Wahooo. It really was a grand time. My niece Lydia turned 5 years old and her mom and dad threw her the coolest party I have yet seen. I was lucky enough to be a quiet observer and captured some of the event from behind the lens of my trusty little Nikon. Here's what I saw:

Once upon a time...this little girl had a Princess Party.

And her mom stayed up till 1 in the morning making her this awesome cake.

OK, we must do a close-up, cuz I mean, this was an AWESOME cake!

And they played all the coolest Princess/Knight party games. They made bravery necklaces, pinned the heart on the princess, to name a few.

Below we see the brave princesses and knights fighting the ferocious fire bubble blowing dragon.

And then....the Princesses and Knights got to learn about a true story of a little girl living in a orphanage in Africa with some of her friends.


Instead of giving presents to the totally adorable Princess birthday girl, they brought their gift in the form of a donation for the little kids living in the orphanage.

Sidenote: I HAD to take this picture. This little up-and-coming princess was attending the party with her mom and brother and...yeah....what else could I do but take her adorable picture.

Our Princess Lydia sure was tired by the end of the party.

But she managed blow out her candles and enjoyed the rest of the party with her sweet little friends....

...... knowing she had made someone else's life a little bit sweeter too.

And that, my friends, is one cool way to celebrate a girl's Princess's birthday.

Happy Birthday, LydieBug! Auntie loves you very much!


vivianne dagny said...

great photography! and great idea for a theme party. i especially enjoyed the idea of giving gifts to someone less fortunate. although, if i was 5 and didn't get any presents on my birthday, shit would have hit the fan.

Sue Speich (Susie B) said...

Love your pictures Shannon....I think event photography may be your tell a good story.