Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm It.

This cool cat tagged me. I really like being tagged. So here it goes. The tag is: tell 6 quirky things about yourself. Warning: I don't do short examples. Here goes.

1. I love and adore frosting. It's not just a normal obsession. I literally could eat gobs and gobs of it. I ALWAYS go for the corner piece. ALWAYS. People who know me, "just know" to
give it to me. And not just any type of frosting. It has to be super-sweet wedding/birthday cake type of frosting. None of that whipped crap. That is just a slap in the face in my book.

2. This is a tough one to admit on here. I may even regret this someday. I think I already do.....but, here goes. I have Herpes Simplex I . OK, OK, calm down. Not the one in the nether regions! The oral one that produces little eruptions on your mouth and lips. You may be asking what is quirky about that? Millions of people get those on a regular basis. It's not that big of a deal. Well, my quirk is this. I am superstitious about saying the word and refuse to say it- EVER. Not the word Herpes. Surprisingly, I'm actually cool with saying Herpes. Herpes, herpes, herpes. It's even kind of fun! It's the other horrendous word I refuse to say. You know, the name for the eruptions on your lip. No, not canker sores. The other "C" word. Think Abreva people. Nope, I never say it. If I do, I will most certainly get one. Trust me I have learned the hard way on that one. And for those of you who have seen me with one, you understand why I would do ANYTHING possible to avoid them. It is horrendous. Monstrosity is a word that comes to mind.

3. I have a double-cousin/most best friend, Cassie. And when I am telling someone new a story about her or us, I am insistent on telling them that not only is she my most best friend, but she is my double cousin. And then I ask them if they know what that means. And regardless of whether they say yes or no, I go into this long speal explaining how my our dad's married sisters and they each had three kids, the same ages. (meaning, our oldest siblings were born in the same year, our middles were and Cassie and I were born, not only in the same year, but one month apart) And then I go even further to tell them all these weird things about Cassie and I that no one probably really cares about, except for us of course because we think we are the most awesome double cousins that ever lived.

4. Despite my husbands many, many warnings, I always turn the burners on the stove way too high. I tend to be somewhat impulsive in the area of cooking and try to get water or whatever boiling as fast as I can. Usually, it ends up spilling over and causing a huge mess. Every time. I do not learn from repetition in this area. Sorry, honey, I just can't quit.

5. Much like this tag, my phone messages are ridiculously long and border on inappropriate in the length department. Especially, if I am calling "just to chat". I will then leave them a message of me "chatting" with their voicemail like they are actually there. I have had many reports of people deleting my messages before they finished because they were just too long. Thanks alot, guys!

6. I am all out of quirks so I had to go to my husband for some counsel. He was kind enough to suggest this sixth and last quirk for me. He said that sometimes when I move in to kiss him, I
(unconsciously, of course) make a slight sound (but less intense than) like I am going to hawk a lougie. Awesome, honey, awesome.

There, my dirty laundry is all aired out. And now, I would like to tag my funny BFF, Sarah.


Mama Misty said...

Hey Shannon. thanks for your kind words on my blog! It is always great to hear from you.

I have to say I was really not expecting to hear your #6. That's over the top and yes, totally awesome. In that way of Ok, never lean in to kiss Shannon way.

You are too funny!

Oh wait--the word verification today is PERFECT:


You know, like you a hottie!! Only spelled different and not a real word. But totally cool!!!!!!!!

Guess I should lay off the coffee but I love to write !!!!!'s can you tell or what....

Ok that's kind of like the long never ending message on the answering machine that beep
everyone deletes.

double cousin, cassie said...

I really like this post...especially number 3. What would we do without each other? Number 5 is so true too. I hardly ever even start to listen to your messages...sorry! Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Shannon Joy said...

thanks alot, double cousin cassie-for admitting that you don't even BEGIN to listen to my messages! what a blow to the ego-haaaa. just kiding.