Sunday, November 16, 2008

Your getting 5 days!!!!

Derrick's brother, Dustin, called us 2 Sundays ago and asked if we would be available the upcoming Saturday to attend his wedding- and if I would take some pictures for them. Well, of course we would be there and OF COURSE I would take pictures! It was a beautiful and simple wedding, with the most important things in life: love and family. So, here is my very first wedding shoot.

The happy couple. Let me tell you something about the groom. He HATES being in pictures. He hates having to smile for pictures. He hates everything about pictures. So, even though he asked me to take pictures, I knew I would have to do it very, very carefully. Here he is with his beautiful bride-smiling.
He's still smiling.

Here he is, all smiles again. Boy, for someone who doesn't like smiling, I'd say he takes a pretty fine picture. What I really like about this picture below is the pure joy displayed. This was taken right after the ceremony. They had just thanked the family for being with them. I love the glisten in Jayme's eyes and the happiness on both their faces.

Here are a few extras that I really liked.

I couldn't resist little Miss Blue Eyes.

Mother and Father of the groom having a snowball fight before the big event.

And check out this little looker. He hosted the reception at his house and he wasn't sure if he was going to let me in right away. Luckily, I carry dog treats in my camera bag.

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Laurie said...

What a wonder photographer. I'm sure you have alot of nice ones. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the CD. Just was at Jayme's mom's for a Upper Case Living party. Thanks for the preview.
Laurie and Darrel