Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am......excited about warmer weather
I have....a great husband, an adorable 9 month old baby boy, and a goofy goldendoodle
I wish......i could be a full-time stay at home mom and have our school loans paid off
I hate....hatred and injustice
I great grandma Carrie
I fear.....a loved one dying
I feel.....relieved about work stuff
I hear.....the silence of my baby napping and my goofy goldendoodle making little dream bubble noises
I smell.....freshly baked chocolate cake
I crave....super sweet cake frosting- OF COURSE!
I wonder....when we will have our new niece or nephew with us
I regret.....not working more jobs in college to pay my way through vs. getting student loans
I life, my family, my God, when Leighton crawls to me and pulls himself up on my pant legs and wants up
I ache.....for those who are hurting, who are lonely, and those who don't know Jesus as their savior
I care....about helping people with their problems
I always.....try to see the bright side of things
I am not.....getting a full nights sleep anymore
I believe.....that Christ took my place on the cross so I could be saved
I my heart more often than i do in real life
I my car and act like I am good at it
I cry......when I get overwhelmed
I don't always.....brush MY OWN teeth before bed!!!
I fight....for my junk drawers!
I write.....Leighton's milestones in my mom journal
I never......enjoy when my house is cluttery
I classical music with Leighton
I, grace, hope, laughter and frosting
I am.....wife, mother, daughter, friend, listener, and purchased through the cross.

I will tag: Amanda and Ann-have fun girls!

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