Friday, April 18, 2008

9 months old

Wow! The time really flies by, doesn't it? It seems like just yesterday we were holding this tiny little newborn baby all bundled up like a stuffed burrito..... And BAM-here we are in just 9 short months with a little boy ready to conquer the world. Here are just a few of the fun things that our little boy is up to:
1. he loves to be silly
2. he bolts (army crawl style) to the kitchen the moment he sees or hears Maverick's water dish placed on the floor
3. he's quite the flirt, this one-I wonder who he gets that from????
4. he loves to shake his head "no" to anything posed as a question
5. he just learned to clap his hands and finds this quite amusing
6. he is fascinated with how he can swing the bathroom door open and closed
7. loves sharing cheese with mommy
8. can say "more" in sign language
9. has decided that it is super funny when maverick pants heavily
10. just learned to stick his tongue out

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