Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Fearsome Foursome

This post is dedicated to the Fearsome Foursome. Who is the Fearsome Foursome you may ask? Well, we are comprised of 4 girls who met in junior high school and became best friends forever....tear. The FF consists of : Melissa, Chrissy, Sarah and me. The reason I post this is because I found a little treasure a few weekends ago when I was visiting my parents back home.
Deep in an messy drawer, underneath a Reba McIntire CD, I found 3 (yes, i said 3) North Dakota Future Homemakers of America Annual State Leadership Conference agenda books. Quite a find this was I must say. Inside these cutsie little booklets filled with the agenda and workshop information I have found the little notes we wrote to one another during the events.
Now, for most of you, these will not be one bit funny. For the girls of the Fearsome Foursome (and a few others) this will be quite entertaining. So, without further adue, here are some of our comments :

"Help me!" - me to Sarah
"Chrissy is a buttwipe", followed by Chrissy being crossed out and "Shannon" added over Chrissy. -me and Chrissy to each other
"Chrissy and Richie sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Little Richie in the baby carriage. Get out the diapers, get the stiches, oh my gosh they had two Riches"- me to Chrissy
"Ma, ma, tomato"- by Sarah
-A game of "catch the monkey" played by me and Chrissy. Score: me-60, Chrissy-12
- A series of different letters circled- "this says: melissa anus" -by Sarah to Melissa
"Save water, take a shower with a friend"- by Sarah
"Country music rules" -duh
"The president is a funny guy"-me
"This is our last year at FHA :( -me
"This was the worst most boring terrible session I was at. It was really boring"-by Sarah
"Chrissy wants Eric Cahill"-by Melissa
"The speaker's skirt doesn't match" -by Chrissy
"There was a funny guy in cowboy boots lifting weights and he's sitting in front of us"-me to girls.
"Do you have any lip balm for Sarah"-Chrissy asking on Sarah's behalf.
"How can you cross your legs like that?" -me to Sarah
"I hate sideshows"-Melissa
"My feet have fallen asleep" -Sarah to me
"Sarah and Matt's baby= Tinkler Nink - by Sarah
"my life motto= ?" by Sarah
"Popper Cherry= Chrissy's first baby" by Sarah again I think
"FHA is #1"
"Me and Melissa are gonna train killer whales, dolphins and sea lions" (with a drawing of a whale) -me to Melissa
"I bet our boys are gonna be lonely tonight"-Melissa to me
"Sea World is everywhere you want to be"- Me to Melissa
"At least it's where me and Melissa want to be"- me to Melissa
"Chrissy Lynn 1998-1999 Future Homemaker of America, North Dakota State President!" -me to Chrissy.

Here's to FHA Conventions everywhere! Fearsome Foursome Forever!

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