Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cheese please

So, last weekend my niece and nephew, Lydia(almost 4) and Jonah(6) had their very first sleepover at our house! We were all really excited! I made spaghetti pizza for supper- i
thought the kids really liked that. Well, Jonah wasn't eating much of his supper and I asked
him if he didn't like it. This is such a sweet kid-he said, "no, i DO like it. Could you just pick off the noodles, hamburger and sauce." That just left the cheese! I guess I don't do it quite like Valerie! Lydia helped me make brownies, we had a movie party and played "search" with Maverick. Leighton was very entertained and got to enjoy his bedtime story with his cousins! What a fun weekend!

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