Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I do take requests!

Uncle Jason requested a picture of Leighton with all his
teeth showing. This one is pretty cute. It's a bit outdated
because now he has two more teeth for a grand total of 8!

Well, let's see if I can give you some family updates:

-Aside from popping out teeth, Leighton has been busy working on his new army crawl. He also started eating some finger food meltaway things. Well, I shouldn't say eating because he just plays with them. He hasn't put one in his mouth yet but I'm not going to push him-this is all going too fast the way it is! My most favorite thing of all is that he is saying the "maaa" syllabel ALOT! He uses it when he gets sad or mad or wants us or wants something. I just love it, of course. I don't think he understands that he is saying a sound that means me but it sure melts my heart no matter what!

- Derrick is "really, really busy" with work. (Leslie Kodeam, if you are reading this-you are laughing!)Luckily, the end of the hardcore part of busy season is in sight so we try to keep each other going knowing there is hope ahead. We are hoping to spend a lot of time together as a family this summer to make up for it!
-Maverick's hair is growing back. However, we are kind of liking it short because he has been listening to us more. Who knew that a nude dog equals an obedient dog!

- My most best friend Cassie informed me today that she is extremly furious at her librarian. Apparently, this rude old woman is claiming that Cassie checked out two books that she has never heard of. Cassie told her, "I swear to God above I did not check these books out!" And the librarian peered over her glasses, snickering and said, "yeah, we've heard that one before, honey". So, the lady struck a deal with her that she will extend Cassie's deadline for the book return date, which will give her two more weeks to search her house and come up with them.
Good luck, Cassie!

- As for me, I am doing great. I really am loving my job right now and especially the flexiblity it affords me to spend more time with Leighton. Oh yea, this is good news-I got a call from a new pharmacy where I registered for a prize and we won a portable DVD player! What luck-road trips will be a breeze for Leighton when he's into watching movies! Now if we could just get Maverick to stop puking.....

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