Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, I have posted some pictures to show you what happened to our poor boy Maverick. As you can see in the first picture, he and Leighton are hanging out having fun. Everything was just fine for Maverick that day. He's happy, he's goofy and most importantly, he is warm.

And then....he went for his routine semi-annual haircut!!!! Things went badly downhill for him from the moment he stepped in our local groomers door. I told them to try to save some of his length and shave out only the matted hair. Well, sadly for Maverick, it seems as though ALL of his hair was matted. So now, as you can see in the other pictures, Maverick now looks like one of those shaved cats! He is none the least happy about this new "do" and walks around with the only fluffy remnants of him stuffed between his legs. He also walks a little crooked and insists on sleeping in our bed and UNDER the big heavy covers. Poor guy-stay tuned for updates as he grows some of his fur back and gets back to his old antics of stealing dirty diapers and stuffed animals!

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