Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's MY bone!!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a short video of Leighton working out his crawling skills. He's been crawling all day today and getting into everything. He learned how to open the doors on the entertainment center and loves to bang them closed! He is also having fun trying to pull himself up on chairs and he even tried to climb up into the dishwasher today! Now I am really on my toes. Leighton's cousin's Jonah and Lydia and their mommy, Valerie stopped over for lunch today. My favorite quote today was from Lydia: "Shannon, Shannon, Shannon, guess what?" "Your baby bit my big toe but that's ok cuz it didn't hurt! " Uncle Dustin is here for the weekend so he and daddy will be teaching Leighton how to play guitar hero I'm sure!

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