Monday, December 10, 2012

{DIY} Turkey Dude

DIY Turkey Dude for Thanksgiving or any day really.


Again, I need to start this off by saying, "Shannon no good at craft" But, really, I can only do the easy ones. If it's on this blog, it for sure has a few qualities:
1. easy, pre-K easy, (for the mom)
2. cheap, almost all ingredients are found at home

Ok, so here is what you need.
1. Empty toilet paper roll
2. Construction paper-cut feathers, beak and legs. No pattern needed people. Don't get all, "ohhh i need to be perfect, i need to cut a straight line....just cut....and not your finger!
3. Googely eyes -I use a googley eyes on EVERYTHING! {it's so fun!}
4. hot glue gun (use caution here, clearing throat and raising eyebrow)

And that's it. Have at 'er. Just glue the eyes, feathers, beak and little legs on. My boys basically used theirs as superhero turkey fighters and went to battle. Gobble gobble.

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