Thursday, October 18, 2012

A week or so in review.

It's been a real pretty fall around here.

The leaves that haven't yet fallen....they create a beautiful picture. Reaching up toward the Light they need.

Chase and I are enjoying our secret time when big brother is at his extra day of school and little brother goes down for a nap a few minutes early so we can just be us and put together human bodies.

One morning Leighton decided he was going to hit ALLllllllll the food groups. I had no clue he was doing this until it had been prepared.

We had a really fun impromptu leaf play date with our cousins.

There was  a lot of running and jumping into leaves which required the use of a very convienient water fountain.

Then we went for a quick weekend to visit my most best friend in the whole world. And her new dog. Hi Looooola.

The crazy thing about the trip is now that I look at this picture I barely even remember seeing Lola. I know she was there but between our 5 very small children, the gabbing, and furniture restoration project we tackled....the sweet dog is a bit of a blur to me. But, she is very cute.

Here is a little glimpse of the chaos right when we arrived. Pizza is the the one thing that make them all sit down for about 10 minutes straight.

Derrick and I forced our kids to take a nap one time. And then we decided we should take a nap. But he ended up checking the sports scores on his phone and I ended up taking pictures of us not sleeping.

Then we took the kids to a cool museum to dig for dinosaur bones and watch a super awesome corn movie. And yes, I do take real, bigsy photos with my big girl camera but these days, instagram pictures of the editing screen is about as good as it gets.

The dino bone digging was a hit.

I decided to get nerdy glasses. For real. I haven't ordered them yet.But don't you think I should?

I texted a picture to my ultra-stylish and modern new BFF and she was all....."soooooooo......are you going as Harry Potter for Halloween?". I love her and her cute wording. :)

Then we came back home and I got to work on a fun photography project for our church. It was so fun and I hope my work can be used for bigger things than just a photograph.

Then we worked on our own cutsie project. And believe it or not, it was not from Pinterest! It was from Leighton's brain.

Me and Chase shared a glass of Root Beer.

We hit a super awesome day for a Pumpkin Patch trip with our super awesome Preschool.


There was a lot of this going on.

Therefore, someone didn't make it home in a state of consciousness.

All in all, we are having a really great fall.

And our cute boys continue to makes every single little thing, even a grungy old water fountain in a park, a freakin festival of awesome.

Stay tuned.

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