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how you can reduce cancer risks for your family

Just a little educational rant here today.
I just ran across this heart-warming little article.

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So, essentially, J&J is going to FINALLY raise the bar and remove the host of known cancer causing ingredients from their personal care line by 2015.

Say whaaaat!!!!!!?????!!!!!????

Did you just say 2015?

Wait a minute. Last time I checked my was 2012, J&J.

As in...that's 3 years away.

So, for the average, unknowing Target/Walmart shopper.......that's another 3 years of using cancer causing ingredients for them and their precious family be absorbed right through their biggest most happy- to- absorb- anything -organ-their skin?

Now call me silly here folks, but doesn't that seem a little...........uhhh, dare I say..........#whattheheckwhowouldeverdosuchathing.....crazy?!

The sad news is....most people will never know about this.

How many of you mothers (after you moaned and screamed and if your me, ripped your clothes off and maybe even hurled an eff-bomb at your unsuspecting husband while birthing your child)..... walked out of the hospital with your baby and a nice little sample of J&J given to you at said hospital  (via J&J's very sneaky "donation")?

And then you went home and used that little FREE sample bottle up. Then sent your hubby to Target to go get more of that little yellow bottle because, "hello people?????if the hospital uses's got to be the best for my baby right! and it's only the best for my baby around this house!")

not so much the case as we see.

now assuming that people knew about this....can you imagine the reaction you would get when the nurse walked in and said,

"thank you so much for choosing our is a free gift basket of sample clippers, bulb syringe, thermometer.....oh and here is some baby shampoo complete with the very trendy and popular ingredient:Q-15! And it's all yours for FREE!  Not only will Q-15  create some amazing bubbles in her gorgeous locks of hair.... but as an added bonus, it will also create a chemical reaction in her body which will then release formaldehyde. And what baby doesn't need just a little more formaldehyde in her brand new little body?! Heck, that stuff really works.....we have a whole floor of dead people in the basement who are being embalmed at this very moment with the very same chemicals! So why not your new baby? Well, sure we know it has been proven to cause cancer and the government has required it to be removed from the building industry.......but it's just a tiny bit. And, man, that stuff really works! So you go home now and enjoy that baby!"

Can you imagine the look on those parents faces?!!!!

What I really find amusing about this article is this statement from the makers of Tide, who fell under recent scrutiny, "Tim Long, a senior science fellow at P.& G., said the company communicates openly with consumers about the ingredients it uses. All of its products meet regulatory requirements, he said."

OK.....thanks Tide. At least you are honest with us. We have the cancer causing ingredients in it, but "government regulation" says it's "meets regulation" we are good with that. End of story. 

If I were a consumer of Tide and I read that. To that I would say. "Sorry Tide!  Not in my house! End of relationship."

The other part of this newly emerging issue that parents face is one very important factor called price. What parent doesn't want to have the safest options for their families? Many times I see it boil down to cost. At the end of the day, price still matters to most families. Again, most people aren't aware, they can get safe products for an even lower cost than what they were already spending. In some cases, saving up to 3x as much as they were spending before. 

Well, I'm just glad to report that since the age of 10 I have never been exposed to these commonplace toxins, thanks to my diligent mother. And she passed the baton to me. To use readily available information to keep my own family safe, and also to educate others on how to do the very same thing.

This is why we are passionate about educating people about this junk and teaching people how to easily remove them.....oh a bonus...we teach people how to actually save money in the process. $100s -$1000/year is what our educated friends and family save. And that's just the beginning.

Message me at: if you would like to become educated. 

So, I guess all I can say is........... thanks Mom & Dad.

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