Sunday, April 8, 2012

come awake.

today was a glorious day of celebration of our risen Savior. 

church was so great! we sat in the front front row! what a great perspective. i am such a weirdo and i am so addicted to taking iphone pictures of cool things so i kept trying to "sneak" out my iphone as to not weird out the worship singers and especially our awesome pastor. but i couldn't help myself. the cross was hanging right above us and the lights were beautiful and the music and message were amazing. derrick was looking at me funny. like for reals shannon, you are taking iphone pictures now??? {i know that's what you were thinking honey!!!} but i just like to capture these things. and sometimes if i don't just get it over with and do it, i actually think i start twitching and stuff. so i just go with my gut and do it. 
i snagged a few but this was my fave. 
oh death. where is your sting? oh hell. where is your victory? 
come awake. come awake. 
christ has risen from the dead. 
he is one with us again. 
come awake!!!

back at home, while waiting for the wonderful meal that my mother in law helped me with (thanks Laurie-i'm a kitchen reject), we decorated the cookies. 

and here we go. it wouldn't be a for real picture if there wasn't a four year old in the background picking his nose. just sayin. we like to do the realsies at our house. 

gma and gpa show us how it's done. they be frontin this Easter cookie gig for many a year now. 

derrick. pondering life. or perhaps pondering the things done by his wife. 

i don't think i even need to say much here. 

after the sprinkle party, followed by a subsequent easter egg dying fiesta, 

derrick and i snuck outside to hide some eggs. 

chase did not think that i should be taking a photo of him. i guess he was busy getting ready to hunt for some eggs. or somethin. what he didn't know was that i was really taking a photo of his cute school bag that his auntie Jayme sent him for Easter. thanks Jayme!!!! 

leighton just bein cute while rounding up some dora fruit snack stuffed easter eggs. 

they found their little eggs. 

then i told them a pretend Easter bunny had just snuck in the house and hid some Easter baskets. 
they thought that was pretty logical so we ran back in to discover all the wonders and fun that a pretend Easter bunny can provide. 

the bunny did it. 

a giddy boy.

and even Beckett loved his basket. his favorite thing was his new hat. 

oh what a fun day it was. after Gma and Gpa left we spent the afternoon shooting foam dart gun bullets at each other and snuggling Beckett because he was feeling a little icky. 

i'll end with the song we sang in church this morning. while i was being a weird church papparazi. 

come awake.

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