Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beckett {11 months}

ok. yeah. so whoops. so i took Beckett's 11 month pictures like ohhhh say 3-4 weeks ago. and because i am stellar at having everything totally together at all times.....i totally posted them on the blog 3-4 weeks ago right when I took them and promptly loaded them and blogged them. 

except i didn't. 

so here i am. on the eve before the eve of his first birthday, posting his 11 month update. and technically the kid is still 11 months. so it's totally ok for me to be doing this. because i am.

at 11 months this kid is just very sweet. and he has a really bad habit of head butting us. 
now that my little friend, is not cool! he loves being chased around by his brothers still. i'm sure that will be a theme running for oh say the next 15 years or so. he is standing all by himself. he is very good at flirting as you can see here very clearly. he loves the wheels on the bus and itsy bitsy spider. he's just starting to wrestle a bit with the big boys. eats lots. can't go to bed without his blankie. sleeps through
the night very well. (unless someone....ahem....cough cough, Chase, cough, clearing throat....wakes up in a raging night terror type of tantrum and wakes him up) usually goes back to sleep easily from those. 
likes greek yogurt. loves putting crayons into water bottles. loves putting crayons into mouth. starting to use crayons to color a teeny tiny bit. makes his momma smile. makes his momma happy. 

the most i could get him sitting was this.

then he was up and ready to rock.

and this. would think this guy has the "cool" gene running in his family????? and their is no way. no way on the good Lord's green earth that his mother used to incessantly write "shannon is cool" on little notes and leave them all over her teeny tiny little school for her best friends to find and totally roll their eyes at her. no way this kid has a mother who did that!

i don't know. he's pretty sweet.

and precious. eye lashes.

and look whose got an idea....

yikes. houston....we have a problem......another one is mobile! alert, i said. another one is mobile! 

my boy. cool as they come.

i love you itty bitty little baby boy of mine. love you. love,me. (mom).

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