Monday, March 12, 2012

a case of the mondays.

Did any of you have the case of the monday's this morning?
were you going nooooooooooooooooo..............i don't want to do monday today!!!!
nooooo, don't make me....................
but then did you get an idea?
did you realize that even if {you don't like where your life is at on this monday morning, or you want a different job, or you don't have a job, or your kids drive you crazy all day, or you need more money so you can be home with your kids even if they drive you crazy all day, or just don't know what you want} did you then realize that you do have teeth?
and teeth, my friend, can be used, {not only to steal food off your owners counters,cough,cough, ahem....Maverick, cough} but also those said teeth can be used for good. they can be used to smile.

 and why not start each day with a smile? 

 but....maybe you hate these kind of heart-warming, inspiring ideas. and maybe they just make you even crabbier about your life. well, if you did wake up like Maverick this morning. and you tried to smile. but then after you were done smiling you were in the same situation that you were right before you started the smile. and the smile didn't actually change anything. then by all means, let me give you another rather earth-shattering, mind-boggling idea: 

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have a great week all you! i love you all! 


Elizabeth B said...

adorable my friend!

Shannon Joy said...

thanks Liz! i miss you! i want to snuggle that new little baby B of yours!!!!!