Friday, January 20, 2012

{DIY} Bath-time Cupcakes

I give you.....Boredom-Busting, Bath-time Cupcakes DIY. 

Ok people!!! Are you ready for a super-duper easy-even-Shannon-can-do-this-DIY!??? I found it on Pinterest. I know, right? Shannon? On Pinterest? Never!!! This NEVER happens. Or not.

The cast of characters are seen here.
1. three little plastic cups. or on pinterest, they used muffin tins. i didn't want to use my muffin tins. i used little plastic bowls instead. i'm a rule-breaker like that. 

2. your husbands shaving cream. ours is a more natural version of shaving cream, called Alloy.
{as a mid-day bonus.....mmmmmm, my bathroom smelled like my husband after he leaves for work in the morning. I like that smell, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm}

3. Food coloring.

So this is what you get when you a. fill cups with shaving cream, b. drop food coloring in cups,
and c. mix them. Isn't that cute? And easy!!!!

Then add a few paintbrushes and two sweet little boys and let the fun begin. 

And this is the result. Beautiful middle of the day, bust-the-boredom, paint the tub art-work. 

Happy boys = happy mom. 

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