Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's On Faith {Where Will You Land?}

I love this for a Fridays on Faith segment. The Story of Mary and Joseph if Social Media had been around. Pretty cool. 

One of my fave fave Christmas songs. Gotta love me some Barlow Girl. The voices are uhhh-mazing! 

And while many of you and myself enjoy the beauty and wonder of this majestic season, I know there are many people who are hurting. My prayers are turned to the Keller Family, who just today celebrated the valiant life of a devoted husband, father, and mostly a man who lived his life FOR JESUS. If you take just a quick glance into the life he lived and legacy he leaves, it is covered with a big fat, JESUS stamp all over it. I love that. My heart aches for his beautiful, kind wife and their two little boys. But his story and his legacy will continue to change lives for Jesus for.ever. I implore you to read his story and the blog where he and his wife shared their struggles but mostly their full trust and hope in our one and only hope. 

In the end, it's so so so so simple. SO. SIMPLE. It's what the twinkling lights, the spritzed cookies, the tinseled trees, the frantic shopping, the chaotic mess that we create out of it, is all about. 

A little, tiny baby, born of God into our world to bring us light, hope and life. This little savior all bundled in manger. 2000 years ago. CAME FOR A REASON. 

It's what Jack so passionately talked about and lived. 

The. reason. 


So you could have life. And not even in the sense that you will wake up each morning and breathe and can live a wonderful life here on earth. That's just a bonus. 

Really..... It's. not. even. about. this. life. The saving we get, when we accept. It's for a life beyond this life. It's walking into the embrace of JESUS. The Son of THE MOST HIGH. That's what Jack stepped into last week. That's what he was longing for. Jesus had called him home and Jack knew, without a doubt that he was running into the arms of his Heavenly Father. 

The question for you and me, is not when or how we will die. 

The real question is: 

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