Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beckett {3 months}

My littlest boy. Blowin through the months. What a cute little daper three month old.

One thing he is not blowing through is the onsies. I swear when Leighton was his age, we had more blowouts than you can imagine. This guy keeps things much better under control in that department. Or maybe the Luvs company has just improved. 

He continues to be a pretty chill little dude. He prefers to be draped over ones arm, face-forward and side-laying most of the day. His cheek smashed up against your forearm. Drool included. And boy can that boy drool. If he is anything like his biggest brother, he will have a full set of eight pearlies in about 3 more months. Lord help my ladies...or as Leighton would call them, "my feeders". 

What else can I say? Leighton and Beckett continue to be best buds but now Chase has really started to take a liking to his new bro as well. He is now taking breaks from his "terrible two" naughty antics to stop and give his little bud a kiss on the cheek, on a regular basis. Leighton and Beckett have now mastered the art of Leighton laying beside him and pulling him up on his chest and giggling at each other. And they usually both enjoy that, until Leighton gets spit up on. 

My favorite thing about three months old.....aside from everything. The giggles. I adore those giggles. 

Love you bud.  Signed, mom. 

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