Monday, June 6, 2011

Beckett {1 Month}

Well, my sweet little bub has gone and turned One Month old on me already.I could barely believe my eyes when I looked at the calendar last week and realized that it was time to pull out his super cute monthly onsie. 

During your first month, you have accomplished quite a bit. And while there are many I could write about, I will just cover a few notable ones. 

1. You have learned to get cuter. And this even after I thought you just couldn't get any dang cuter. Oh yeah, and you like to eat your own hands. 

2. You developed a nice holding of the head up skill. Nice work, sport!

3. You have single-handedly figured out how to be so dang cute that you convinced your mom that she should hold you 24/7 and never put you down.......therefore resulting in the sheer fact that your HIGHLY preferred hanging out place is snuggled up to either your daddy or me. Not your swing. Not your bassinet. Not your vibraty chair.  
ahhhhh,and who could blame me? 

Oh and lastly, 

4. You have managed to not be picked up and carried or thrown or dropped by either of your big, well-meaning brothers. 

Until this morning........

This morning, I left you on the bed with Leighton. And Leighton is was very trustworthy. I was out in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher with Chase (can i get a woot woot for toddler chores anyone!). I heard you crying and then stop.  I didn't think too much of it but came to check anyway. And there you were, laying on a blanket that Leighton had placed you on and moved you to the foot of the bed, all nicely wrapped with a binki in your mouth. Your not a big binki fan so far but somehow Leighton always gets you to take one. So, you did. And there he sat. Proud as a pea-peckin owl that he moved you, got you nicely wrapped and binked up. 


Heidi said...

what a great big brother Leighton is! Beckett is SO ADORABLE!!! One month sure went by quickly.

And you're such a good blogger - I haven't touched mine since Lucas was born. Which doesn't even include a birth story or anything. :P

Lindsay said...

He looks like his big brothers here! Happy 1 month!!

Cassie said...

Oh my goodness...he is so cute! I cant wait to see him and you guys again! I love that visor and cute month shirt!!