Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perfectly, Imperfect. let me set the record straight here. I really, really, really, really don't like to be one of those bloggers who just types all this "cutesy, schmutsy, our life is so perfect" stuff about my kids and really literally almost makes you want to vomit in your mouth. I repeat...I don't want to make you vomit in your mouth!

I do hope that you get some sense of the realism of life through some of my writing. The realism as in....

i do occasionally have crabby kids. REALLY crabby kids.
and said occasionally crabby kids ocassionally. JUST occasionally people, have a crabby mom.

{like the other night when we were scurrying to get supper ready while ushering the kids in from outside (praise God!) with fresh mud and dead grass all over their shoes and clothes and eventually tramping it onto my carpet. i was trying to contain that while not burning the awesomely processed health-filled box of angel hair pasta, which i would have burned hadn't my husband caught it, and then keep that list running for about 10 minutes. and add in a dash of chase dumping maverick's water all over the bathroom floor and stomping in it with his brand new dry fresh out of the dryer socks and while Leighton is trying to take snacks out of the cupboard as we remind him that supper is almost ready so he doesn't really need ice cream. and imagine that i hadn't been one bit crabby or snippy with them. imagine. and then slap yourself and wake up. cuz i was. i was cranky and bossy and annoyed. and at one point i looked at my husband who quickly looked away as if to avoid making eye-contact with this mother monster storming through the house trying to get things in order and for cryin out loud, not burn a meal for once. just once!}

anyway, back to the list of realism:

messy messes
forgotten appointments
late for everything
goofed up names of great friends kids who i totally know their names
dogs who get hurt at the park and the mother of said dog, does not know how
poop. lots of poop
broken glasses. thank you chase
many,many,many more.

ok, so there. our life is real. it's not perfect.



then there is THIS!

and in this moment i know. everything. all of this. this messy, imperfect life. it is actually quite possibly the most perfect thing i could have ever dreamed of.

thanks God.

wait...........did you just puke? i hope not.


Lindsay said...

Oh that's just too adorable - and completely makes all the chaos worth it....kind of. :-) Hehe.

When he sees something else reminds me of a shirt I saw with a squirrel on it and it said something like "I don't have ADD.......LOOK! A NUT!!" Lol. Cracks me up every time I think of that - and every time I tell my Jack to go get something and he gets side-tracked. Argh.

Elizabeth B said...

Love that Shannon! I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!

cassie said...

i cannot believe he is counting like that and talking so clear!! he is so cute! man, i wish we lived closer!

Shannon Joy said...

Lindsay-maybe you should sew me a shirt like that!
Liz-glad you are with me!
Cass-move your butts here NOW! i hate that we live so far apart...but it's snowing here today and you guys are
probably running around in your swim suits down there so i'm sure there's little hope. but just do it already. we could have coffee at each others house regularly-just like we used to have coffee at grandmas with tom and janice and everyone-i'm sure you'd still be dipping your toast in your coffee!