Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Womb #31

The view from my bedroom closet at 31 weeks.

So, I do have an update and thus a reason for such a quick turnaround on my weekly womb posts. I know lately the weekly womb has been more like the monthly womb, as you can see by the above picture with my super clean room where there is absolutely not a pile of papers spread across my bed and a big bag of garbage on my window seat, along with my kid's projects, along with my almost-falling-off-the-windowsesat purse........CLEARLY, people, I spend all my time cleaning instead of blogging. Clearly.

Anyway....there is an update to report and I don't think I've done a belly shot in a while so I figured, messy window-seat and all....tonight is the night.

On the update. As I mentioned last week, my placenta is "migrating" farther away from my cervix. Previously it was 1.8cm away and last week it was 2.8. My doctor was pleased with the progress and assumed that I would be cleared for a vaginal delivery but wanted me to see a leading OB in our area to make sure.

I saw him today and we had a pleasant little visit. He informed me that my condition is now just considered a "low lying placenta" and not an actual previa. The 2.8 centimeters is plenty of space to warrant a vag delivery and I would have nothing to worry about.

And then I thought to myself....{as if the words "vaginal delivery" and "nothing to worry about" should ever be used in the same sentence}. Right all you mamas out there? Right? I totally get what he was saying and he's totally right about the whole placenta issues and that's awesome. And God totally answers prayer.

But...please doc......don't ever mention "vaginal delivery" and "nothing to worry about" in the same sentence again.

Thank you.


Jenelle said...

SO GLAD TO HEAR THE GOOD NEWS. Can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy.

Lindsay said...

Yay for the good news!! That's awesome.

Shannon Joy said...

thanks girls! i'm excited to meet my little bundle too! :)