Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Thaw

The Thaw is upon us. Praise our good-lovin Lord!

While we are still dealing with our fair-share of snow.

We are also still dealing with an even more abundant share of the ever so popular "little brothers trying to clear away the snow for the grass" cuteness.

And while you might still be walking around and seeing ALOT of snow. And while you might be talking to your friends and family in other parts of the country who have NO SNOW left and
have been sending their kids outside with no coats for weeks.....{ahem....Cassie, thanks for rubbing it in}.

And this might even give you a bit of an attitude. Hello Mr. Attitude himself. assured my dear friends. Just as the good Lord giveth....the good Lord also taketh away. The melt is on.


Lindsay said...

Love the first my dinosaurs in the snow header. The cutest pics are of things that just aren't where they are "supposed" to be. Awww the life with kids. :-)

BRING THE THAW!! (Minus the flood, thankyouverymuch).

Elizabeth B said...

Love those pics! We went outside too today, and my pics would have looked a lot like yours had I taken any! The boys were SO excited, they kept yelling, "MOM! I SEE GREEN GRASS!" Flood or no flood, we're ready. BRING.IT.ON.

Cassie said...

Its been like three weeks since they've been ouside:) walked to the park yesterday and today too. Lol! Glad you finally get to see what its like to go out! Love the pics!

Melissa said...

Love the pictures of the boys and really the last one! You are right Hope is Rising, in a lot more ways than one! Hope you are feeling good. Talk to you soon!
Love ya!