Monday, March 28, 2011

Jammie Jumpers

Spring is just RIGHT around the corner. I know it! I feel it! It's gonna happen soon. I adore it when it arrives. And this is the time of year when I begin checking the 10 day forecast several times a day just to get that glimmer of hope that the snow WILL MELT! I love the excitement spring brings!

In the meantime....when we are still stranded inside....we sometimes engage in some pretty wild indoor activities. It's hard to harness the energy of two little boys who have begun to thwart and work together to get into all kinds of "trouble". But sometimes, just sometimes, when the temps are still low and the snow is still flying, we don't even make it out of our jammies and we just.....JUMP!

I heart Chase's face here!

I especially heart this.

And this little video, is pretty heart-worthy.

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Grampa D said...

Looks like fun guys. Leighton and Chase can Grandpa and Grandma H. come and jump with you too? It is snowing here again this morning and playing with you would brighten our day. The sun has not been out for over a week now. Seeing your happy faces is better than seeing the sun. Leighton and Chase are you taking good care of your mommy and your little brother or sister? Love all of you.