Monday, March 21, 2011

20 months

My boy. My boo. My Chaseroo. 20 months old today. Wow, I can't believe that one. You are such a funny little character. You love to run around and act crazy. You have changed so much in the last few months. Mostly in your vocabulary and decisiveness. You're favorite phrase is (with a whiny, demanding pitch) is "owllll, doit!" {translation: i'll do it}. You say so many words now and seem to understand most things you are saying. Although, when you are being naughty and throwing your corn or your peas or grapes or raisins or crackers or what have you....I will remove you from the table. And after a few minutes of whining, I will ask you if you are ready to listen, you always say yes. And then if I follow that up with, "are you gonna throw your corn again?", you always say yes to that to. And then I usually put you back up to the counter and sure enough you end up throwing your corn again. If only you weren't so cute.....

Let's see. Oh, onto the sleeping arrangements. So, you still sleep in your crib. However, you are not the least bit pleased about this. Auntie Valerie gave you and Leighton a little play tent recently and now you guys like to think you are going to have your nap time in it, together. And it usually occupies you guys with chatting and giggling and bringing every possible toy in there for a while. And then you end up in your crib because the whole part of nap time that includes the nap just wouldn't happen that way. You also insist now on staying in Leighton's big boy bed after we finish our bedtime prayers. You are becoming more and more clear about the fact that you are not happy with us when we make you go in your crib.

Oh but the cutest thing you said was the other day when I had to put you in your crib. And Leighton stayed out in the tent during nap time. Leighton said, "'s OK, I"ll be right out here if you need me". And do you know what you said? You said..."Leighton (which you say really, very clearly by the way-pronouncing the L and said, "Leighton......pause.....
Leighton says "what"
and you say...."Jeses yoves you" {translation:Jesus loves you}.

Melt my charmed little mommy heart.

In other news, you love doing everything your big brother does and peeing like a big boy in the big boy potty is one of them. Now, this does not really fit our my plan right now so I am trying to hold you off on potty training. A lot of times you will tell me that you are peeing and get upset probably that your diaper is on. You also tell me when you poop. Other times you just take your diaper halfway off and then I let you sit on the potty. However, you tend to get off and try to run around naked. At that point, I grab a diaper and we have a naked baby pursuit on our hands. When I finally catch you, you say "no, no, pee, pee" and then you go sit back on the potty again and say "wait". Go ahead and press repeat on that scenerio about 14 times and you will soon know why I am not a fan of actually doing official potty training right now. Perhaps lugging around your little brother or sister inside my belly has a little something to do with it. Or I'm just lazy. Either or, you aren't going to be potty training under my watch until later this summer. Sorry honey.

Mainly, you are just becoming such a big little boy. And your daddy and I just can't get enough of you.

Love, your mama.

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