Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Weekly Womb #22

22 weeks has come with a little news. While I am feeling super great and had nothing to report to my doctor at my appointment yesterday, she had something to report to me. The baby looks great on the ultrasound, however, I have a slight, marginal placenta previa going on. What this means is my placenta is just slightly near or a tad over my cervix. While this typically corrects itself, there is a chance it could continue to grow over and cover my cervix. This would just mean that I will need a c-section. I think my doc expected me to be upset or worried but I wasn't. While I really hope and will pray that this corrects itself, I think we can certainly find the bright side of having a c-section.

Here would be my list of bonuses:
1. You can pretty much pick and choose and plan the date with no worries of what if my water breaks in the middle of the night during a tornado or while I'm picking out my beef at the grocery store. That would be embarrasing!
2. From what I have seen on a Baby Story, the process goes much quicker than vaginal childbirth. Hello bonus!
3. The best one of all would be the 4 day required stay in the hospital. While most people might want to get out of there right away, I would consider it a vacation away from my other duties. Trained medical professionals waiting on you hand and foot while you just take in and snuggle your brand new bundle of love. That sounds like a vacation to me!

Stay tuned on this for in 4 weeks I will have another ultrasound (yay for more pics of the baby!) to check the position of the placenta.

In other news, the baby is about a pound this week and about the length of a spaghetti squash. The baby is moving like crazy and Leighton and Derrick have both been able to feel the new little squash baby kicks! Leighton is so sweet. When he prays before bed or supper he almost always prays for the new baby to be safe and healwfy. Chase is enjoys kissing my big belly and many times he jabbers away to the baby.

Here he is at Christmas being as sweet as a sugar snap pea.


Heather said...

#4 bonus of having a c-section: you wouldn't have to go through labor :)

Lindsay said...

Yes, c-sections are not to be as feared (and cried over) as many people do. The ONLY down-side to them, in my opinion, is the recovery. Not so much after #1...it's AFTER #1 that it gets tricky. Like when you need to pick up #1, #2 and #3.....