Friday, December 10, 2010

Fridays on Faith....continued

So last week, I told you we were doing something really exciting. And while it was no trip out of the country or anything totally awesome like that, it really was totally awesome. Here is a little peek of what we did together.

And while, yes, you might say, wow, Shannon, your boys are the two cutest bell ringers in town. I would have to agree with that.

What you might also say is, "wow, Shannon, did your boys just eat powdered donuts the whole time?"

Well....this may appear to be the case but it really wasn't. For most of the time anyway.

They were super cute and pulled in a ton of money. They really did quite well and lasted nearly the whole shift, which was from 5:30 to 8. It only went downhill after Derrick took Leighton inside the store to get us all hot chocolate.

They decided to take their sweet time and Chase was not in the least impressed. He proceeded to throw a gigantic tantrum. Throwing himself on the floor and rolling around. Trying to do backflips out of my arms.

And all the while, there I am, ringing my bell and trying to smile at the people walking in. Prior to the tantrum people were dropping money in the bucket left and right and oohhhing and ahhhhing over their cuteness. During this scene, however, I got many "pity looks" and "oh yikes" looks! Very little money though.

Anyway, the big boys returned and this did not help. However, I quickly remembered where we were and that this store contains Chase's very very very favorite, "ill do anything you want me to mommy" treats.......the timeless favorite, powered donut balls.
So, I shimmied inside the store with Chase, screaming the whole way, and purchased these lovely mouth-stuffers.

And they worked.

For the rest of the shift, Chase walked around or sat down with his little balls of ooey gooey sugary goodness and got back to what he does best.....making people smile and melting their hearts enough to get them to hand over some cash for the Salvation Army baby!

I am so glad we did this together as a family. It was really an awesome experience and we plan to make this and many other acts of a service a part of who we are as a family.

Gal. 5:13...........but by love serve one another.


Michelle H. said...

Adorable! We have done this in the past and you're right...bringing kids = money in the pot for the Salvation Army!! :)

Grampa D said...

Those boys know how to serve because of the love of their parents even when it looks hopleless. What service, pictures, and memories in a real life action story to your love of family,community, and mostly to your love of God.

Elizabeth B said...

that is hilarious! Shannon, if I would have been there, I would have been the one to drop the money in DURING the tantrum! :) Love you friend!
Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Shannon Joy said...

Liz! that is so funny! there was ONE lady who was waiting for someone to come and pick her up and just kept staring at me, feeling sorry for me (during the tantrum) and finally she came over and handed Chase a dollar to put in the bucket. this worked, he put it in and stopped crying. then she walked away and he went back to his blood curdling screams!

brooke rene' said...

So awesome Shannon! Really inspiring and motivating to give back more.