Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Weekly Womb - Week 17

I realize I am a bit behind in the wonderful world of Weekly Wombs! I don't know where the time has gone actually. Well, yes I do. It usually involves my two little past womb-dwellers.

Anyway, this newest resident is really making strides over the last few weeks in the area of growth. This is not only evident by the weekly email I get telling me the weight and height, 5 inches and 5 oz by the way. But, it is also evident because my husband was talking to the baby last week and said this nearly punch inducing statement,"wow, baby, it looks like you've upgraded from living in a small cottage to a villa!" Nice honey. Real nice.

In all honesty, I didn't even want to punch him. I just laughed because it's quite true. In fact, I was sure to quickly relay the message that I got from BabyCenter last week. Which stated that I need to get ready for a growth spurt! Oh man, are you serious? I thought I already had my growth spurt!

Anywho.......back to the important part.

Baby is developing along quite rapidly, developing sweat glands and moving his or her cute little joints around. The little pea in a pod is the size of a turnip this week. A turnip? Who the heck knows what a turnip is? Well, I know what one is but I sure as bleep don't have one in my kitchen. After I looked one up, I decided it's not the cutest thing I've ever seen but then again neither is the hot house cucumber. Which if I remember correctly from the last little womb dweller updates, will be a forthcoming baby to fruit/veggie comparison.

Ok, so we have determined that the veggie comparisons aren't the cutest things in the world. But, what is the cutest thing in the world is Chase. He has a fascination with the baby in my belly and continues to assault my baby bump daily with big, wet zerbert kisses. He even attempts to do it in public settings which is quite embarrassing. Of course I never let him but still.....your 1 year old fighting with you over lifting up your shirt over your largo belly is never one of those "look at me" moments.

On the mommy front, my nausea is pretty much G.O.N.E. and that is a delight. I think I am actually eating less now that I 'm not constantly shoving food in my mouth with hopes of quenching the disgusting feeling. Like I said, I THINK. That is a key part of that sentence.

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